Initial steps on getting your stream started (With Auto-DJ)

Getting started with our streaming plans is an extremely easy process! You can get going in less than 5 minutes. We'll outline the steps for you below, and link to the relevant guides on getting everything set up. These steps work for both Shoutcast and Icecast streaming plans.


  1. Firstly, you need to login to CentovaCast. CentovaCast is our control panel of choice, where you can easily manage every aspect of your stream. Your CentovaCast login details should be sent via email, we also allow direct login through the Client Area > Services > My Services > Click on your streaming plan > Login to CentovaCast
  2. Now that you have logged into CentovaCast, make sure to enable Auto-DJ. (CentovaCast > Configuration > Settings > Auto-DJ > AutoDJ status > Permitted and Enabled)
  3. You will now need to upload music to Auto-DJ. This can be done by going to CentovaCast > Auto-DJ > Files > Upload
  4. Once the music has been uploaded, you will need to add it to a playlist. Go to CentovaCast > Auto-DJ > Media > Drag-and-Drop the songs into their preferred playlist.

    Auto-DJ by default creates 5 sets of playlists, each with their own configuration. Unless you have a specific music rotation, we would recommend simply adding your music to the "Standard Rotation" playlist.
  5. Now that everything is set, navigate back to CentovaCast and go to Server > Start, it should now boot up your stream and start playing the music from the playlists you configured in the previous step.
  6. That's it! Your stream should now be streaming live audio from Auto-DJ. We also offer HTTPS links that you can use to embed into websites, radio players, etc.
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