Obtaining your HTTPS Stream link for both Shoutcast or Icecast

Both our Shoutcast and Icecast streaming plans fully support HTTPS links that are also port-free for convenience.

Your HTTPS link structure should be the following: 


There are 3 unique dynamic parts of your HTTPS link, which we will get into below:

  1. /username is the username you use to login to CentovaCast. 
  2. /mountpoint is the mountpoint of your stream, usually /stream. You can find your MountPoint in CentovaCast > Configuration > Settings > MountPoints
  3. login-url is your login URL. So if cast3.asurahosting.com is your login URL then you should change it to cast3.asurahosting.com

So if your Username was "asura" and your Mountpoint was "stream" and your Login-URL was cast1.asurahosting.com then your HTTPS link will be the following:




HTTPS Streaming links can be used for external audio players, website embedding and more!


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